Conventional Western Equitation in a dressage arena using dressage patterns with simplified Rules & new Tests for 2017
NOT British Dressage in a Western saddle !

"Dressage is the scholarly, systematic and gradual development of the horse's natural potentials,
through means which are academically observant of the horse's nature and are guided by love and
kindness towards the horse."  
Charles de Kunffy - "The Ethics and Passions of Dressage" (Xenophon Press)

Welcome to the home and official
website of Western Dressage in
the United Kingdom, operated as
a non-profit voluntary initiative.
Supported by the Western
Equestrian Society as an
acceptable discipline for
classes at all WES shows.

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* Date TBA: Western Dressage
  Clinic with Ashleigh Willems
  Area 10 Solihull Riding Club
* Date TBA: Western Dressage
  Ashleigh Willems TTT Clinic
  Area 10 Solihull Riding Club
* September: Western Dressage
  Clinic with Margo Hepner-Hart
  Area 10 Solihull Riding Club
Sat 24 Feb: Western Dressage
  Clinic with David Hudspeth at
  Wakefield RDA WF4 3JL
Sun 25 Feb: Western Dressage
  Classes at Valley View Ranch &
  Equestrian Centre, Herefordshire
Sat 26 May: Western Dressage
  Solihull 75th Anniversary Show
  Area 10 Solihull Riding Club
Thu 27 to Sun 30 Sept:
  WDAA World Championships
  streamed live from Oklahoma
Sat 24/Sun 25 Nov: W.Dressage
  Clinic with Bruce Lawrence &
  Classes at Valley View Ranch,
  Ullingswick, Herefordshire

Simplified Rules and New Tests for 2018


Launched in 2009

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The Western Dressage Association of America mission:

"To build an equine community that combines the Western traditions of horse and rider with Classical Dressage" and "to provide a model of training and horsemanship which optimises the partnership between horse and rider for the benefit of both."

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