The Best of Both Worlds

Western Dressage is a new approach to western riding, using the methods of Master Horsemen to combine the suppleness and harmony of Classical Dressage with the spirit of the Western horse.  No matter what breed you ride, you want a better partnership with your horse.  That's Western Dressage.

Are you a Western rider who just simply wants to be better ?

Do you ride Western but want to learn and compete at dressage ?

Do you want to practise dressage but don't want to give up the "Western" that you enjoy ?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then Western Dressage is for you; it combines the best of both worlds and is just what the name implies - a new and progressive discipline that has been created to help promote this exciting concept.


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Western Dressage

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Western Dressage
Western Dressage

Western Dressage

 Dressage Training 
for Western Horses,
& how to get started
in Western Dressage:
> Mary Knetter
Stacie Moyle
> Di Schorzman

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Western Dressage
Hands-On Horseman

 Eitan Beth-Halachmy 
"Best of Both Worlds"
Western Dressage

 Dr Robert M Miller 
Western Dressage

 America's Horse 
"Western Dressage"
by Holly Clanahan.

 Discover Horses 
"New Horse Sport"
by Gavin Ehringer.

 Horse Junction 
"Western Dressage
in South Africa"
by Izak Hofmeyr.


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