Introducing Western Dressage

At a recent Reining competition the judge complimented a competitor that they were the only one to perform true circles, which was a product of the fact that they had been practicing and competing in Western Dressage !!

Western Dressage is just like Western Show patterns but performed in a Dressage arena as was the old WES Arena Test A years back, and is all about control, accuracy in maintaining correct paces and precision performing transitions and manoeuvres, which is the basic groundwork for improvement in other performance classes like Horsemanship, Western Riding, Trail and even Reining.

The intrepid adventurers who have sallied forth to meet the challenge have all been aiming to improve their overall riding control skills, so why not give it a try especially over the winter when Western shows are few and far between, and for anyone who says "I can't because my horse is too hairy", so what ?  All the other horses are hairy and who cares anyway - it's not Royal Windsor !

The bottom line is that it's just another way to have some fun with our horses and at the same time show British people the effectiveness of Western schooling, hopefully gaining a few more converts in the process especially from among the Dressage fraternity; it even prompted a request from the Herts Hunt Pony Club for a Western demo at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre !

Since its launch in the West Midlands (WES Area 10) interest has been growing elsewhere in the UK, initially at Okehampton Devon (Area 3), then a Clinic at Wye Oak Hants (Area 13), new venues at Stevenage Herts (Area 10) and Carmarthen (Area 6), Ayrshire & Lanarkshire (Area 12), Markfield Leics (Area 7) and maybe some events soon in Northumberland (Area 4) and Oakridge Leics (Area 7) with enquiries from Derbyshire (Area 7) and Essex (Area 9), so watch the EVENTS page for dates.

At the WES National Show in 2013 an absolutely astonishing, overwhelming, very rewarding and encouraging 50 entries in total saw 25 competitors ride 45 Tests over the three classes.   RESULTS


The Western Dressage movement is already gaining impetus across the pond, as already a dozen States have affiliated to the WDAA since its inauguration early in 2011.  First to sign up was Colorado followed by Minnesota, Texas, California, Connecticut, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Florida, Georgia & Ohio with Canada becoming the first international Alliance in 2012, and another 8 states: Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia & Washington State expected to follow.


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