Event Notification

Western Dressage is supported by the Western Equestrian Society as an Unaffiliated discipline acceptable for all WES Approved or Affiliated shows.

All Western Dressage competitions including those attached to WES shows are eligible for WDUK Points, but for an event to be included complete  THIS EMAIL  and submit a copy of your event schedule as early as possible, preferably at least one month in advance for it to be included on the Events calendar to make as many people as possible aware of it and thus hopefully increase your entries !

Clicking  THIS EMAIL  will open a pre-formatted email template in which you can insert the following details where known:

(Subject:)  Western Dressage Event: date & time
  • Event description:     
  • Venue full address:  
  • Dressage Tests:      
  • Judge & Writer:     
  • Judge credentials:    
  • Organiser/Secretary:  
  • Entries/queries email: 
  • Entries/queries phone: 
  • Show-Day phone:     
Attach copy of the Show Schedule if available and send to Events@WesternDressage.org.uk

If the template does not work with your browser or email client, copy the items above and paste into a new email message then insert the requested details.


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