Simplified Rules & New Tests for 2017

We are now piloting video submission of entries for any
of you who are unable to get to a venue - DETAILS

             Hi-Point Winners 2016
Intro - Val Burdge & Golani
Basic - Wendy Scott & RiverMaid
Medium - Wendy Scott & RiverMaid
Overall - Wendy Scott & RiverMaid

At the WES National Show in 2013 an absolutely astonishing, overwhelming, very rewarding and encouraging
50 entries in total saw 25 competitors ride 45 Dressage Tests over the three classes.   RESULTS

Batley BLAZEs a trail in Dressage ... photos
Anne and Blaze have been competing Western successfully in "English" dressage shows at Parley EC and WON two classes which proves the opportunities are there and it CAN be done !  Anne says "I felt a little out of place to start with, but everyone was very nice and I had a lot of support from everyone there - even the photographer said it was very refreshing to see Western, although a bit embarrassing to beat them at their own game" !!
AnneBlaze7.jpg (281529 bytes) AnneBlaze1.jpg (144053 bytes) AnneBlaze2.jpg (292125 bytes) AnneBlaze4.jpg (144817 bytes) AnneBlaze5.jpg (308202 bytes)

by Karen Homer-Brown, WDAA Executive Board Member
June 13, 2012 | Copyright WDAA

How exciting to be a spectator at the inaugural year of the PWC Western Dressage rides.

Everyone is so excited !  Exhibitors, spectators, sponsors, vendors, staff ... the horses are excited too, great expression, good ears !

Last count was approximately 66 total rides - the Classical Dressage division had 67 rides.  Plans are underway for Western Dressage to be at the Color Breed Congress in November with the possibility of an all breed World Championship for Western Dressage.

Approximately 200-300 people attended for Cliff Swanson's clinic and 500 on the Internet.  Monday's attendance online was 2,900 watching the Classical Dressage and on Tuesday 12 June they had 5,000 online viewers for Western Dressage !


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