Video Submissions

We are currently piloting video Tests to encourage those of you to try Western Dressage who have no events local to you &/or are unable to get to a more distant one, and we shall accept videos either on CD/DVD or links by email in Windows compatible formats.

Video recording restrictions:

  • May be recorded indoors or outdoors but only in suitably bright natural light or artificial lighting, and must be taken from the judge's perspective behind the 'C' marker with no obscuring rails or other objects and encompassing a clear view of all markers and movements.
  • Must be clear, sharp and steady (using a tripod or fixed mount for preference), panned if necessary owing to rider proximity, but no zoomed close-ups of the rider although zooming part-way to the farther end of the arena for clarity is acceptable.
  • Must be continuous and unedited with no embedded wipes or fades except at start &/or finish, and with no outside assistance off-camera except a caller if necessary.
  • At the end of the test instead of leaving the arena the rider must dismount and with no breaks in filming drop the bridle to show that the bit being used is legal for the test.
  • The veracity of the performance and compliance with the above restrictions must be confirmed by the accompanying entry being signed to this effect by a third party ie. the caller, photographer or an observer.
  • Only one attempt at the same test may be submitted on each video or if there is more than one of the same you must nominate which is to be judged, although you may send the same test again after you have received the previous score sheet for that test.
  • On any occasion a maximum of 3 different tests may be submitted until any previous submissions have been marked and returned.
  • If you don't have anyone to film you and the camera can be set up to record on auto there is no need to "top & tail" the session as only the test itself will be judged.
  • Videos deemed not to be of acceptable quality will not be judged and the entry fee returned.  Videos where the above restrictions have not been complied with will be disqualified and the entry fee forfeit.

Rosettes will not be awarded but you will be eligible for WDUK score points, and score sheets will be scanned and returned by email unless you require the original, in which case send an SAE for return except if we are already returning your CD/DVD.

If you want your video(s) returned include the return postage cost or stamp(s) to re-use the same packet, but whilst every care will be taken with them we can accept no responsibility for loss or damage in transit so if they are important to you we recommend including the extra cost of Recorded Delivery (currently 1.10p).

Send your video(s) to the ENTRIES postal or email address from any Solihull or Ladbrook schedule accompanied by a cheque/postal order or PayPal for 5 per test (3 for Tasters) to cover judging & administration, together with your details: Name, Address, Email, Phone, Test ridden & Horse Name (plus Age for Juniors).

We look forward to receiving your submissions and wish you the best of luck!


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